For over 25 years Thomas House has demonstrated a proven model of success of transforming the lives of families with children and a commitment to establishing and sustaining a safe and stable future, so every child has a home.

Family-1-smReunited and Happy

Hata left her family of five children and her husband in the Philippines to be a nanny and housekeeper for a Middle-Eastern family. However, when she got there, her passport was taken, and she became a prisoner forced to work without pay for 15 months. The captors brought Hata to Orange County where she took the opportunity to find her passport and managed to escape her abductors. Hata was supported by the Salvation Army Human Trafficking Office and Bethany House who contacted Thomas House asking us to help reunite Hata with her husband and five children after a long and painful absence. Now the family is together again, living at Thomas House rebuilding their lives and saving to get a home of their own.

Overcoming all Obstacles

The story of a single mother of two who recently came to us from a domestic violence shelter is one of the most tragic we have encountered. The family escaped and fled their home because the father had repeatedly tortured the mother in the presence of their children. She is permanently scarred as a result of this abuse. Thankfully, Thomas House has been able to provide them with a new beginning. Today, the mother owns an independent home-cleaning business, and is beginning to rebuild her life. Meanwhile, her children are thriving both socially and academically. In the words of the teenage son, “This place is awesome!”

Family-3-smFamily on the way to success!

Already blessed with four children, Francisco and Maricela were shocked to discover that another baby was on the way. The pregnancy was high risk, forcing Maricela to quit her job, and the added expenses burdened this hard-working family. Still, they were determined to keep their apartment. That changed when Francisco lost his wallet, which contained his rent and car payments, along with his entire earnings for the month. Unable cover rent, the family of seven was evicted. During their time at Thomas House, this upbeat and friendly family has shown immense gratitude for the opportunity to rebuild their lives. Today, both parents are working again and have moved into their own apartment! Thomas House will continue to offer them supportive services such as supplemental food and Maricela and Francisco will attend parenting classes while the children are tutored by volunteers.

Together we can make it happen

David worked as a tow truck driver for 18 years before suffering a life-changing injury to his left arm and elbow. Unable to work in the months that followed, David, his wife Julie, and their nine children lost everything. Still, this enterprising family pulled themselves together and moved into a motel. With eleven people in need of accommodation, the family is too big for most shelters, including our own. However, with the establishment of our new Rapid Re-Housing program, we are working with our housing partners across the county to move them directly into their own apartment, where we will continue to provide supportive services to help David and Julie rebuild their lives.

Thomas House, a solid foundation

At age 22, Lily was struggling to overcome substance abuse and give her four-year-old son a chance for success. When she first heard about Thomas House, she knew our program would give her the tools she needed to become truly independent. Today, Lily is in her mid-forties, working towards her life-long dream of earning a Master’s degree in Forensic Psychology, and she still credits Thomas House with giving her a solid foundation to rebuild her life. She recently contacted us inquiring about our internship program, through which she can fulfill a class requirement, reconnect with Thomas House, and help those experiencing the same challenges that she overcame herself. The entire Thomas House team is thrilled to be able to help Lily with her career goals once again!