“We Are Thomas House” Community Sponsor Program

As we celebrate our 30th anniversary, we would like to give supporters the opportunity to connect more deeply with Thomas House and the families we serve. Thomas House understands the significance of seeing the impact that your support is providing. We have created the “We Are Thomas House” Community Sponsor Program opportunity to give you firsthand insight into the lives of our families from the day they move into the shelter until the day they graduate into a permanent home of their own.

At $10,000 per year (or $30,000 for three years), the “We Are Thomas House” Community Sponsor Program allows you to cover all of the expenses for an apartment, from utilities to repairs and furnishings to linens. Your support will ensure that the family who resides in your apartment is able to focus on getting their lives back on track and empowering them to move forward. You name will be placed on a plaque next to the apartment for the duration of the commitment and you will receive an introductory letter to your family as well as periodic updates about their progress. You will also have the opportunity to meet them at Thomas House events throughout the year. In addition, you will be informed when they are ready to graduate from the program so that you can join us in recognizing their accomplishments and supporting their transition. You will also be recognized on our website, through social media and in our newsletters as a participant in the “We Are Thomas House” Community Sponsor Program. For additional information, please contact Executive Director, Natalie Julien at natalie@thomashouseshelteer.org.


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